Hi! Rick and I have entered a new phase of our lives which includes downsizing, living in a tiny house, building a new home in our happy place, and finding new adventures.The Sweet Spot Project is about being in the zone, having enough, and that just right feeling. When you are in the flow, in the groove, everything is humming along—that is the sweet spot. Like Goldilocks with the porridge that was just the right temperature and the bed that felt just right. Like finding the spot in your family room where the acoustics are perfectly balanced.And it may not feel like you are in that place all the time, especially with your finances. I am a recovering financial advisor, and I can’t help but address those sticky financial issues. I know that there are many right ways to handle your financial situation and discovering the sweet spot is a worthwhile endeavor.Rick has been a carpenter and cabinet maker since he was a teenager. Now, he is looking for what’s next for him. Farmer, driver’s ed instructor, beekeeper, who knows! These are our adventures in love, finance, and home building as we find our way towards the sweet spot. Cheers!