What’s Yours Is Mine

When a Realist Marries an Idealist

A lighthearted yet intimate look at the financial struggles couples face.

  • Learn what it takes for couples to find financial harmony
  • Start your relationship off on the right foot financially
  • Discover positive ways to communicate about money
  • Feel empowered and inspired to achieve your dreams

Is it the book for me?

A lighthearted yet intimate look at the financial struggles couples face and a collection of tips on how to be successful.

Today, both men and women fill a variety of financial roles, and there are few clear standards for how to maintain a strong relationship in which money doesn’t get in the way of happiness.

Author Stacy Willoughby believes that because schools generally don’t teach about money and personal finance, we acquire our financial habits and beliefs from our experiences. Those experiences forge our emotional attachments to money, making financial conversations with a partner especially thorny. However, they don’t have to be so difficult.

“I found this book very helpful, right at a time that I needed it. When it came to finances I was continually angry at my partner for not seeing things the way I wanted him to see them. “What’s Yours Is Mine” helped me have better conversations with him about money so we could be on the same page.”


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December 12, 2018
Embracing my all-inner
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January 21, 2018
Thinking About Home
We are in Tuscany this week! Il Nido is a lovely home that we are renting from a friend of a friend.
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