The Sweet Spot Project

Being in the zone, having enough, and that just right feeling.

We're building our new home and I often share recipes and gardening tips with my followers.
I love to try new things and travel to new places. This is the spice of life!
Love, family, community, and relationships are so sweet.
Connecting love and money and finding your own right way to handle your finances.

Stacy Willoughby is a financial expert, author, and speaker.

When she’s not designing her own Sweet Spot, you can find Stacy engaging with couples and families at workshops, conferences, and other events.

What’s Yours is Mine –
When a Realist Marries and Idealist

A lighthearted yet intimate look at the financial struggles couples face, and a collection of tips on how to be successful. Today, both men and women fill a variety of financial roles, and there are few clear standards for how to maintain a strong relationship in which money doesn’t get in the way of happiness…

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