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January 21, 2018by Stacy

We are in Tuscany this week! Il Nido is a lovely home that we are renting from a friend of a friend. After a week in Rome and then three days on the road, it is nice to settle into a place. I have had the pleasure of unpacking, journaling, and relaxing in front of a fire. Rick and I had a glass of wine on a little rooftop deck that has the most spectacular view.

Over the last month or two, we have stayed in a lot of other people’s homes. Some houses have belonged to friends and some were rentals. I don’t know if I think about home more or less than the next person, but after staying and visiting so many different places I do find myself thinking about what to include in our next home. Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon inspire dramatic ceilings. The Colosseum and Pompeii amphitheater make me think of grand arches. And the piazzas of Rome give me an appreciation for gathering places and fountains.


On a smaller scale, there are everyday details that make a big difference for us. Natural light in our bedroom so we can wake up with the sun. Bathrooms that are organized well and have places for toiletries. Easy stairs that don’t require ducking or remind you of that nerve-wracking time going up to the cupola in St. Peter’s Basilica are important. Our new home will have a great spot to have coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

Who knows what will get added to our new home, but it is interesting to observe my behavior around these beautiful examples of architecture.

When you are traveling, what are your non-negotiable requirements for a place to stay? What do you do to make yourself at home when you are not at home?

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