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September 17, 2014by Stacy

Here in Seattle, we have a big game coming up on Sunday, September 21st—the Broncos vs. Seahawks, and it’s going to be a good one! The two teams will go head to head in deciding their fates. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is directing the offensive plays, Richard Sherman, the defensive plays, and Marshawn Lynch going into “beast mode” with an entire team of support behind them of coaches, fans, and sponsors. This is the rematch the Broncos have been waiting for since they fumbled the Superbowl a year ago, and it’s right here at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Seahawks warming up for another triumphant season.
Seahawks warming up for another triumphant season.

When it comes to finances, many financial advisors explain to their clients that they need a team of professionals helping them with their financial situation. An attorney, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and a financial advisor are typically the core members of this team of professionals. The financial advisor describes themselves as the quarterback of this team. Together, you work to score touchdowns with your milestones along the way and win the game with reaching the goals that you desire.

I believe that it is imperative that as you and your financial situation evolve and mature, that you add these financial professionals to your team to help you accomplish your goals. More importantly, I believe that YOU should be the quarterback for your team.

The quarterback is the player on the field who is making the game-winning decisions. They take advice from the various coaches, but the quarterback is the one who is making the plays happen. The quarterback is in the middle of the game.

Coaches are so important. You can’t have a winning team without great coaches. From the sidelines, they have a more objective perspective. Just watch Pete Carroll on the sidelines during a Seahawks game. Many people would even say that he coached them into the championship team they are now. Coaches have a broader perspective and may know strategies or resources that you don’t. They can identify gaps or opportunities that you may have missed.

Ultimately, when you think about how you are going to achieve all of your dreams, you get to make the plays. You are the one making the decisions, and fortunately, you have a team of great players and great coaches to help you get a there-your legion of boom if you will.

Sunday will showcase the Seahawks and Bronco’s centerstage here in Seattle. We’ll watch on the field as the players and coaches decide their fate on game day. The Hawks have been known to have a home field advantage-Seattle leads the league in false-start penalties and boasts one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Go Hawks!

Jessica Butts and I pre-game at Safeco Field and rooting for the Hawks!
Jessica Butts and I pre-game at Safeco Field and rooting for the Hawks!
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