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September 9, 2017by Stacy

We moved to Chelan!!! Actually, we moved almost a month ago, but I wasn’t sure about sharing our new adventure with the world yet.

Now that most of the visitors and tourists have left, it seemed like a good time to share our news. I call this property that we have owned for the last eight years, our happy place. Unfortunately, things have not worked out exactly as we hoped it would this year. The plan was to move into the cabin in the spring, build our new house, and then live happily ever after.

In May, the road that leads to our cabin was washed out by the combination of First Creek snowmelt, soil erosion, and a thunderstorm. We happened to be over there that weekend swapping out furniture for our upcoming move. We woke up in the morning and learned that our road was gone. So we left Rick’s truck on the mountain, climbed down a goat trail to get out, and mom and dad came to the rescue.

Now, we have engineering plans to build a bridge to cross the creek and restore access to the six property owners. We have submitted our plans to the county for approval and eagerly await those results. Until our new bridge is built, we have a footbridge to cross the creek, and vehicles on both sides so we don’t have to hike up our mountain with groceries, laundry, and stuff. We hope to have a bridge in a couple of months. After the bridge is built, we anticipate that power, water, septic, and a shop will follow shortly afterward. In the spring, after the snow melts, the home building process will begin.

Until then, Rick and I are doing the best that we can with what we have. There are a lot of challenges, some that were expected and some that were not. We haven’t decided yet where we are going to stay for the winter, but we know we can’t stay in the cabin. And I know that it is all going to work out even if we don’t know exactly how right now.

I’ve been lucky to have friends visiting the area (Thanks, Carmen, Colleen, Rosie, and Mona!) And Matt and Amanda camped on our property for Labor Day weekend. I’m trying to work my extrovert and get back into a more positive space by sharing online. Stay tuned for our adventures here and on Facebook!

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