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August 12, 2018by Stacy


I have been thinking about abundance a lot lately. We recently sold our house in the Seattle area. Because of a few twists and turns in our plan to move to Chelan, we sold our house a year later than expected and ended up selling for more than I imagined we could. I’m so grateful for how it all worked out, even if it was challenging while we were dealing with the events that led to that outcome. My trust and faith muscles are definitely getting stronger!

We are still working on the bridge that will give us better access to our house. In early May of 2017, part of our shared private road was washed out by a thunderstorm. Between the 2015 First Creek fire and the resulting soil erosion, the spring runoff, and the downpour from that storm, there was too much water and debris for our culvert to handle. Mother nature made a hole 38 feet across and 8 feet deep where our road used to be.

With our neighbors, we have spent the last sixteen months working with an engineer, getting the necessary permits for a bridge, and coordinating construction. It’s almost done, finally! While we have been waiting and building, we have had to park down on the county road, cross the creek on a footbridge and then walk or drive a second vehicle up our hill to get to our house. It’s a fine workaround most of the time. Most of the time, it is only inconvenient when there is a lot to carry and unload, like groceries or laundry, from one car to the other vehicle.

The delay in building our new house is the real inconvenience. Our little cabin is wonderful. We have most of the comforts that we need. It’s easiest in the summer when the sun can heat the water for our outdoor shower, and we can spend time outside. It’s most difficult in the winter when we have a lot of snow, below freezing temperatures, and hauling water.

As I write this, it’s August, and it will still be another week or two before the bridge is complete. So I am getting used to the idea that we will not be in our new house this winter. This also means that I am exercising my faith and trust muscles even more.

Living in our tiny house through the next winter will be more comfortable if we can get water, power, and septic installed. We’ve had to wait on these projects until the bridge was complete. Rick can get his shop installed, and we can move our stuff into it. He’d probably be happy as a clam puttering away in his new shop while the snow falls.

I’m not sure what I want to do, so I am considering all of my options. Fortunately, our living expenses are low, so we have options. I also imagine that I could work from anyplace that had power and internet access. Last year, we left the cabin in the middle of November and moved in with my brother for the holiday season. Shortly after the new year, we traveled through Italy and a few other ports until the end of February. There was a lot of snow when we returned to the cabin, but it was nice to be home.

Rick and I have enjoyed the move to Chelan. We have most of the things we need most of the time. We use solar, a generator, and batteries to power things. Our neighbors have shared water with us. We are enjoying getting to know the area better. I like working part-time at my favorite winery.

So now, my thoughts are on what’s next. We may not be able to get a shop installed before the snow comes. Regular water, septic, and power would be helpful for hot showers and laundry. And it’s very likely that we will need to find an alternate place to live for the winter. Should we stay in Chelan? Or maybe take that road trip through the southwest that we considered last year? Or should we go to a beach in some tropical location?

Our situation is full of opposites. We have the funds to build our new house, but we don’t have the time or weather. We have a comfortable place to cook and sleep, but we have to get water and think about power sources. So the adventure continues!

There used to be a road there…
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