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November 20, 2017by Stacy

It has been three months since we moved into the cabin in Chelan.

It feels like a long time, but at the same time, it doesn’t. Three months ago, the weather was HOT, Rick and I were excitedly settling into our tiny home, and our outdoor shower was novel. Three months later, the weather is freezing, our little house is cozy and equipped with most amenities, and hot showers are a luxury.

Our road still doesn’t have a bridge, but we think it is getting close. We are one final permit away from beginning to build. All the other hurdles have been handled. The railcar that will be the bridge deck has been delivered and we have a plan of attack once we get that final permit.

Thanksgiving is approaching and that feels like a good time to reflect, especially since this year has not been anything like I thought it would! I’m grateful that my husband is so handy that he can throw up an outdoor shower, a mini solar system, and install a gas heater so we can live full time in what was once a weekend cabin. I’m grateful that we have great neighbors who are on this journey with us to build a bridge. I am comforted by friends who allow me to pop in and out of their lives since I don’t live close by anymore and I appreciate when they are gracious when I flake out because I don’t know where we stand with the bridge situation.

Sometime in the upcoming weeks, we will leave our mountain, depending on the bridge situation (You don’t even know how many times I say that phrase!), and stay with my brother’s family. I so appreciate their hospitality!

After the holidays, we will be traveling to Europe for a couple of months. That is the gift of this strange situation. If we had built our house this year as we had planned, we would be doing that. If our bridge was installed already, we might have decided to tough it out in the cabin. Instead, since we have pared our expenses way down, we have the means to travel. We will return home when the snow is gone. Maybe next year we will get to build our new house.

In the meantime, I am grateful for this quiet, uncomfortable, and beautiful moment. I have had the opportunity to simplify and focus on what we really need to be happy. I’m practicing how to ground myself more deeply, no matter where I am. And since nothing this year has turned out as originally expected, deeper learning about detachment from the outcome has replaced whatever plans I thought I had made.

We will gather with friends and family next week to share a meal and what we are thankful for. For us, even with our peculiar living arrangements, there is much to be grateful for. Feel free to share what you are grateful for. And I hope that you and yours have a holiday filled with good food and gratitude.

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