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Financial expert, author and speaker.

Looking for an insightful speaker who can deliver weighty topics like love and money with energy and fun?

Stacy Willoughby

I am a recovering financial advisor, and I can’t help but address those sticky financial issues. I know that there are many right ways to handle your financial situation and discovering the sweet spot is a worthwhile endeavor.

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When Stacy is not designing her own Sweet Spot, you can find her engaging with couples and families at workshops, conferences, and other events.

Speaking topics include:

  • Merging (or not!) your checking accounts
  • Changes with your finances now that you’re in a relationship
  • The intangible weight of debt, plus good uses of debt versus not so good
  • Creating and building mutual respect for your partner’s goals and dreams

Small Group Retreats and Workshops

Need advice but not ready to commit to one-on-one mentoring with Stacy? Attend a retreat or workshop with other couples just like you. Stacy offers a variety of small-group workshops in full-day and half-day formats.

Vows & Values Workshop

Merging Finances, Blending Dreams 

Stacy’s popular workshop, helps newlywed or newly engaged couples navigate the world of personal finance. The conversation is formatted in a way that it feels like your best friend telling you a secret instead of a lecture.



“Stacy is an excellent speaker and delivered a fantastic day of discovery and helpful advice to our audience.”

eWomen Network


What’s Yours Is Mine offers practical guidance about how to find positive ways to communicate about money to inspire couples to reach for their dreams together.

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